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Are you a small business looking to build a website? Or maybe you’re a non-profit, looking to redesign your website in order to more effectively communicate your mission? Or, are you the marketing director for a multi-million dollar organisation looking to improve customer relations and increase revenues?
Vision Camp has worked with all of thouth above, helping to build websites and implement online marketing plans for organisations of all sizes.

Let’s determine What Type Of Website Is Right For You



Per MonthFor Small Business and Individual

  • 15 Go storage
  • 512 MB RAM
  • One database
  • One domain
  • SSL
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STANDARDMost popular


Per MonthFor Medium Sized Business

  • 100 Go storage
  • 1 Go RAM
  • Several databases
  • One domain
  • SSL
  • SSH
  • 2 x CPU
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Per MonthFor Large Sized Business

  • 200 Go storage
  • 2 Go RAM
  • Several databases
  • Many domains
  • SSL
  • SSH
  • 4 x CPU
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Per MonthFor E-commerce Business

  • 500 Go storage
  • 4 Go RAM
  • Several databases
  • Many domains
  • SSL
  • SSH
  • 8 x CPU
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What Does A Website Cost?

Project Management & Information Gathering: 600€ – 3,000€. We want to help you and your website succeed, and that means creating a line of communication between you and your developers. This price includes initial consultations, phone calls, and any time that it takes to obtain the information we need to get your site going.

Testing & Training: 600€ – 4,800€. While most websites are built on easy-to-use CMS’ nowadays, not everyone knows how to get started with them. This price point includes the time spent training you how to use your new site, as well and ensuring that everything works properly and giving you the chance to make any necessary changes.

Website Managed Services: 75€ – +150€/month. Managed services can include blog writing, post-launch testing, and content maintenance. May also include marketing and advertising services including AdWords, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Advertising and more.

Website Content Creation: 50€ – 200€ per page, or hourly. You can write your website’s content yourself, outsource it overseas for around 1€ per page, or use a content writing firm which will charge around 100€ – 200€ per page. Just like a website design, you get what you pay for when it comes to content creation that will rank your site high in search engines and engage your audience.

Shopping Cart Integration & Programming : 200€ – 15,000€. What kind of functionality do you want in your website? Shopping carts, paid plugins, and custom feature development can cost extra, but the benefits of a fully customised and unique website can outweigh the costs. This is generally a part of a larger website development package.

Custom Design/Information Architecture: 2,500€ – +10,000€. This includes the visual design, UX design, imagery collection, and sitemap and page structure generation. Additional fees may be required for additions like SSL (Secure Socket Layer certificate) or static IP Address.

Hosting: 100€/month; 50€ – 1,200€/year. This depends on the type of hosting you choose (dedicated, shared, free).

Domain Name: 10€- 100€ per year for new domains. Some old domains can sell for millions, but you probably want your own new one.

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